ConvAI3: Clarifying Questions for Open-Domain Dialogue Systems (ClariQ)

SCAI workshop @ EMNLP 2020

Conversational Intelligence Challenge baseline solution

The solution is placed at GitHub, you could fork or download it here.

For now it is a Telegram bot, but it could easily be switched to our server by providing base_url parameter in telegram bot initialisation here. More information about parameters of telegram bot framework could be found here.

The solutaion is based on two papers:

We are using forked repo of Allen AI2 bi-att-flow:


Python packages will be installed by script.


It you’re using git version 1.6.5+, you could clone with dependencies:

git clone --recursive

If you’re using earlier versions of git, or if you have the repo downloaded without --recursive, you should clone dependency repos additionally:

git clone
cd ConvAI-baseline
git submodule update --init --recursive



Setup will download docker images, models and data files, so you have no need to download any of that by yourself.


./ start|stop|stopall|restart|restartall|status

stopall is stopping all the services after the killing the bot, while stop just kills the bot only. The restarall is using stopall instead of simple stop.